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Babolat Pure Control

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Like the Pure Storm Tour GT, the Pure Control Tour provides strong intermediates and advanced players with a wonderful blend of control, stability and feel. With this update Babolat retains the crisp graphite & tungsten layup while strategically boosting the flexibility with a new material called Flex Carbon. The result is a comfortably crisp response that feels decidedly softer and more plaible than Babolat's stiffer, more modern player's sticks. Though it weighs 320 grams, this racket's head light balance and manageable swingweight (316 RDC) give it a refreshingly fast feel feel from the baseline, a fact that lends itself to higher swing speeds and heavier spin. Factor in the exceptional control and you have a racquet that supplies aggressive players with the needed confidence to attack the ball. At net this one holds up well against pace, but its real strength is mobility, making it great on fast exchanges. Ultimately, the Pure Control Tour places a very effective combination of control and mobility in the hands of experienced players. Those looking for a little extra flexibility and feel should love this one.