Head Gravity Pro

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With the Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro, Head steps outside the box and introduces a racquet that feels unlike anything else in its lineup. Offering an impressive balance of stability, control and feel, this racquet quickly became a favorite with playtesters. The Gravity Pro features an arm-friendly RA stiffness of 62, a forgiving 100-square-inch head size and a control-oriented 18x20 string pattern. With its 11.7-ounce strung weight and 332 swingweight, the racquet provided plenty of mass for attacking the ball, and for absorbing and redirecting pace from the back of the court. At net, the Gravity Pro's stability and forgiving feel gave our playtesters great control and touch on volleys. Serves could be executed with high precision, and returns were hit with the control and pace necessary for starting points aggressively and confidently. Overall, the new Gravity Pro is a player's racquet that brings optimal comfort, stability and control to the court, and it provides feel and playability that you're going to want to experience for yourself!